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to be identified spoke to cnn about what might have caused ciancia to open fire. >> all the nsa findings that came out this year he was upset about it and said tsa abused their power. >> he is heavily sedated in a hospital and being watched around the clock by an armed guard. >>> tougher gun control may be coming to sunnyvale if a new measure passes by the voters tomorrow. this is very controversial there. janine de la vega is live. tell us more about this. >> reporter: we just spoke to a man who says he has had several break ins in his neighborhood. he plans on voting tomorrow but he feels that measure c isn't necessary. he doesn't think stricter gun control is the answer. here's what measure c would actually do. it would require am gun owner to tell police within 48 hours if their firearm is lost or stolen. it requires gun owners to lock up their gun if they are not in their immediate possession. and it requires those who sell ammunition to log and track sales. a local gun store is against the measure. one resident the gentleman i was speaking about says this measure will not make him feel safer
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1